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Village of Ashville, Ohio

2016 Public Water System Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)

2 tank

Ohio Environmental Protection Agency

Division of Drinking & Ground Waters

Village of Ashville Water Department

Annually, the Village of Ashville includes a report on the quality of water provided to our residents in our monthly newsletter. The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (O-EPA) calls this the CCR or Consumer Confidence Report. All community public water systems are required to prepare a CCR and distribute this to their customers. The report contains information on the community's drinking water including the source of the water, contaminants detected, the likely sources of detected contaminants, health effects of the contaminants when violations occur, and availability of source assessments.

CCR's are required by the 1996 amendments to the Safe Drinking Water Act. The Federal Rule (40 CFR 141.151 through 155) was finalized on August 19, 1998. We hope this information will provide you comfort and security. We recognize that water quality is a very important area of operation.

The Village of Ashville pumped 228.411 million gallons in 2016 with 21.224 removed in the process resulting in total finished pumped or 207.167 MG.

A word from the Water Department

Over the last year, the water department has been concentrating on the distribution system. On several occasions, the construction of our new facility on the west side of the village caused the water services and mains to be shut down. While all of the shutdowns were necessary to the construction process, we want to apologize for any inconvenience they may have caused village residents. During the times of shut down the village took advantage of the situation and installed several main line valves. Main line valves allow us to have more control of how water flows throughout the system and also enables us to be able to shut off the water by streets rather than by multiple blocks. 

In addition, several hydrants were repaired or replaced, two new water main lines were installed, and our distribution map was updated. We will continue to do pressure testing through the rest of the year at different times and areas of the village. We will also be installing monitoring stations in different areas to help with sampling and data collection.

Our water plant/system is 83 years old this year. We are still using a portion of the original tanks and plumbing.  I am proud to say we are still running well with no violations or major problems.

In 2016, we established an emergency interconnect with South Bloomfield. You can find the South Bloomfield CCR in the upper right list of page brakes.  

For more information or any concerns, you can contact me personally at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank you for your time. 

Jim Welsh
Office: (740) 983-6367
Mobile: (614) 214-9223

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