Mosquito Control


Annually mosquito spraying was discontinued in 2006. At the time it was deciced for two reasons. First, the 2006 general fund budget was very tight. We were looking at areas that could result in cost savings.  The second reason still remains. In researching the pros and cons of mosquito spraying, data indicates the benefits are marginal at best and possiblity lean toward the negative. The disease burden in areas that do not spray was not appreciably different. Spraying creates resistant mosquitoes, kills beneficial insects (some which act as natural controls for mosquitoes), and may have unintended consequences on ecosystems. Spraying presents a risk to people with respiratory illnesses, chemical sensitivities and asthma. Therefore, it was determined to cut this item from the 2006 appropriation. 

What is recommended is public education on clean back yard and taking personal responsibility for areas that could breed mosquitoes. Spraying should be used as a last resort. We will monitor the impact on the community and if needed money is need it will be used.  

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Informaiton from:    CDC

Standing Water

Fix dripping faucets and eliminate puddles around faucets, downspouts, and air conditioning systems.

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