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2016 State of the Village with emphasis on what will be occurring in 2017

2012 state of the village

This is the State of the Village of Ashville for 2016. This annual review will report on 2016 but will also emphasis on how each year is interconnected with the past and how this past has created building blocks for our future.

I want to start out the 2016 Report by saying, it has been an honor to serve as Mayor since 2000. For me to be granted that opportunity is humbling. It has also been a pleasure to work with the current council which include: Nelson Embry, Brian Garvine, Todd Henson, Randy Loveless, David Rainey, and Tracie Sorvillo.

Some major projects are completed or will be shortly completed. Overtime you will see how each of these individual projects contribute to an integrated Village Plan. 

Ashville Village Council, Circleville Council, and other community items, i.e. Dog Shelter Adoptions can be viewed on the web from CGTV. Click icon to the right.


In general these are the highlights for 2016:


The council and I put together the 2016 budget to fund many of the projects underway and in a manner to anticipate future needs while using a conservative approach to that development. In 2016, our expenses were 9.38 million dollars, which included 6.35 for the Water Resource Recovery Facility. The budget was 18.541 million dollar. Our actual Revenue for 2016 was 9.486 million dollars which includes 6.142 million for the Water Resource Recovery Facility. Thus we are keeping our expenditures in aliment with our actual revenue. This approach will maintain the sustainability of the village. The details of this information can be viewed on our website’s “The Financial Page”. It contains budget and financial report information from 2008 to present. ashville's 
The village continues to seek collaboration with other local entities that would strengthen our ability to meet your needs. In 2016 we completed a water interconnection with South Bloomfield. This will provided a more secure water supply. We seek in 2017/18 to do something similar with Earnhardt Hill Water District. Our refuse contract ends in 2017. Therefore we have communicated with Circleville, Commercial Point, Harrison Township and South Bloomfield to see if they would be interested in collaboration to obtain services at a reduced rate. Other entities or programs we work collaboratively with include CDBG, DEFA, ODOT, OWDA, OWPC, MORPC, PICCA, Pickaway County Chamber of Commerce, and Pickaway Progress Partnership (P3). You will see the results of that collaboration in the next section on Projects. Interconnect Project 
Ashville Projects

The following are “Improvement Projects” that were begun earlier and completed in 2016:   

Griggs and West Station Street Railroad Crossing Relocation to Station Street Completed

One project completed in 2015/16 is the railroad crossing on West Station Street. This was a joint project with the OPWC, PUCO, ORDC, CDBG, Norfolk and Ashville.  PUCO, Norfolk and the Village of Ashville. This is an $849,178 project started in 2013 which included $423,750 provided by OPWC ($317,813 Grant), other sources $340,000 (Ohio Railroad Commission, PUCO, and Norfolk), and local funds of $141,246. Vehicles and pedestrians now have a much safer way to travel and walk.

West Station Street from Scioto to Lexington Street Resurfacing Project 2016 Completed

2016 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Street Project Completed –with a $49,617 CDBG Grant and $9,450.04 Local Funding. 

Page CDBG 

Ashville Pike/Long Street Project

Our collaborative work with the County Engineer and their OPWC Grant for $792,380.00 paved Ashville Pike/Long Street from State Routh 762 to our intersection project at State Route 752 and Long Street. In addition to their expenditure our monetary obligation to this project was $74,571.66

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State Route 752 and Long Street Intersection Project

This has turned into one of Ashville’s longest projects to get completed, going back to 2010. OPWC is one of the funding sources with a half million dollar grant and $325,108 Loan. We wish to thank Frontier, South Central, and Time-warner for deciding to bury their lines. The weather was very difficult and we appreciate their efforts. Decker Construction will soon complete the intersection projected by mid-April 2017. This investment in infrastructure contributed to a Saving Bank renovation and the addition of Dollar General to the community.

Water Resource Recovery Facility

This is the largest project the village has undertaken. This will produce a 900,000 gallon plant that will meet the requirements established by the OhioEPA Findings and Orders. The evaluation of wastewater occurred in 2012 followed by design. Construction of the facility began March 21, 2016. This project when completed is estimated to be 13.4 million dollars. Funding sources include Ohio Water Development Authority (OWDA), Ohio Water Pollution Control Loan Fund (WPCLF), Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC), Division of Environmental & Financial Assistance (DEFA), and Ashville. 

Utility Projects 
2017 Projects

CDBG Sidewalk Project - on the west side of Long Street from Station to State Route 752. Estimated Grant $28,460.85 Local Funds $7,115.21 for a $35,576.06. With the CDBG West Long Street Sidewalk you will soon be able to walk safely from Savings Bank or Dollar Genera to Lexington, Scioto, and Jefferson Street.

  Page CDBG

CDBG Center Alley Project – this project is between West Main Street and Madison Avenue. In addition to that alley water run-off and secondary alleys will be improved. CDBG Grant includes $57,694 and $8,701.18 local funds. Total projected costs to be $66,395.18. 

 Page CDBG

2017-2018 Water Interconnect with Earnhart Hill Water Sewer District is under development.


Department Reports
Police Department    

The police will continue to protect our community and we will continue to provide the police the resources to accomplish that objective.

We are working on continued drug and traffic enforcement. The Village is now involved with a task force which is developing plans to deal with the opiate issues in Ashville as part of Pickaway County, State, and Nation.  

We are working on holding down the cost.

In 2016 the village purchased a Ford Police Interceptor SUV that was about $4,000 more than a Crown Vic which is no longer available. The Police Department expenditures in 2016 were $790,334. It also has enhanced capabilities for year round use, better fuel economy, and has twice the longevity

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Service Department    

A major undertaking that has resulted in a decrease in cost is a Consortium II Agreement that has brought curbside recycling to Ashville. We are in the final year of that contract and will send out a Request for Proposal (RFP).  

The village is committed to make our streets as safe as possible but this is an increasing challenge for all municipalities. This you can see from our projects above but it is difficult with costs so high and some revenue resources declining. We will continue to look for funding partners.

Parks and Recreation is looking at forming a Foundation to help support its future plans.

We need to review the aging equipment in the service department and see how we can economic replace that equipment.

Continue stormwater management as part of our I and I improvement plan.

The Street Department expenditures in 2016 were $242,879. The Park Department expenditures were $45,660. The Stormwater Department expenditures were $65,141.38

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Utility Department

In the Water Resource Recovery area as indicated before is a major project. The purpose is to build a new sewer plant that will meet the village’s current and future needs. This project is based upon a mandate of the EPA and recommendations from AECOM, a consultant hired in 2013. As part of that mandate with OhioEPA we are working on Inflow and Infiltration (I&I). As part of this project we will consider how our need to replace the sewer plant can be done through the cooperative efforts with other entities. Our website had expanded monitoring of your utilities and payment. By following on our website the image beside the Facebook Logo you can reach the billing web-portal. Even if you do not pay on line you can see current and past activities on your account.  

In the Water Processing area we completed Special Environment Projects (SEP’s). It now has emergency power back-up capabilities. It also replace four meters that have improved on the production efficiency of the facility. In 2016, we connected with South Bloomfield. In 2017/18 we will be exploring a similar option with Earnhart Hill Water Sewer District. The Consumer Confidence Report is an important source of information on the quality of your water. That report is available on our website. Click on the image to the right. You can find out more information on the website by accessing the Monthly and Annual Reports.

The operational expenditure for the Water Department was $302,057.37 and for Wastewater was $512,998.40 

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Planning and Zoning/Building Department

The Planning and Zoning/Building Department has be busy with Ashton Crossing, Suburban Village, Dollar General, Savings Bank, the Water Resource Recovery Facility and other builders. This department work includes signage and uniform enforcement of codes in conjunction with the Police Department. Their expenditure in 2016 was $44,241. If you are interested in these private building projects you can access that information from our website by clicking on the image to the right.



Miscellaneous Items for You  
The Village worked toward getting Gas Aggregation as an option. This program allow us to pool our resources to obtain more competitive pricing on natural gas. Click on the image to the right to find out more.  Gas Aggregation 
We have a Tax Department that will help you with your local RITA Tax. We have a webpage for you.  Reminder:  RITA Taxes 
We continue to work as part of the Cooperative Economic Development Agreement (CEDA) group and the two Joint Economic Development Districts JEDD’s). You can see the growth as you drive on State Route 762 Land Use Plan


In Conclusion


The banners below also represent the activities available in Ashville. We thank the organizations and people whom make all the events in the village a success. Viking Festival, Fun in the Sun, July Fourth Festival, Gazebo Gatherings, Halloween Parade, and December Holiday Events. You can find out more information about these events on our website.

I look forward to continuing to work for you.

None of what we do would be possible if it wasn't for the great citizens we have, council members that work together well, various boards, and of course our loyal employees.

Thanks again, and for more information on what is happening in Ashville go to our website the address has not changed: www.ashvilleohio.gov


Thanks again, and for more information on what is happening in Ashville go to our website the address has not changed: www.ashvilleohio.gov

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