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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Roadway Notes

RDW 1 All pavement sub-grade shall be constructed in accordance with item 203 of the City of Columbus Construction and Material Specifications, the soils report and as directed by the registered soils engineer present on the site. Section 203.12 shall be modified such that all compaction shall be to one hundred (100) percent of the maximum dry unit weight obtained in the laboratory by the “Standard Proctor” compaction test (ASTM D698). Moisture content of the new fill shall be in range of + two (2) percent of the optimum moisture content determined by AST D698.

RDW 2 Prior to construction of the streets, soil tests shall be made on all sanitary sewer and designated storm sewer trenches which cross proposed pavements or which lie such that the proposed pavements are located within any part of the influence line of said trench. Where said results indicate that the trench backfill does not meet the compaction requirements of 912.03 (minimum of 100 % of maximum laboratory density) of the construction and material specifications, all backfill material shall be removed, replaced, and re-tested until compaction meets said requirements of 912.03.

RDW 2 All pavement joints, particularly where a proposed pavement abuts an existing pavement, and all pavement joints abutting utility structures such as manholes, catch basins, valve boxes, etc. shall be sealed in accordance with item 413 type (1) of the City of Columbus Construction and Material Specifications.  

RDW 3 The contractor shall contact the Columbia Gas of Ohio, Inc. Operations Supervisor at 614-818-2109 one (1) week prior to roadway construction for the delivery of PVC gas sleeves or Columbus Southern Power Company Engineering Liaison Coordinator at 614-464-7379 for electric conduit sleeves.  

RDW 4 At the option of the developer or the Village, the placement of the final wearing course of item 404 asphalt concrete may be delayed until such time that the majority of the residential housing construction in the area is complete or weather permits.

RDW 5 Wearing course of asphalt concrete is to meet City of Columbus Construction and Material Specification item 404 and additional mix design requirements of the Village of Ashville.

RDW 6 Pavement cuts for utility line installations are subject to the backfill requirements of item 912 in lieu of compacted granular material, flowable controlled density fill, item 636 type-11 may be used. Pavement shall be constructed to match the existing section or nine inches of item 404 asphalt concrete, whichever is greater. As an option, the concrete base extending one (1) foot beyond either edge of the excavation, with two (2) inches of item 404 asphalt wearing course placed on top.

RDW 7 Steel Plates shall be positioned and secured in place with steel spikes and cold patch asphalt mix over all trenches that are left open on a temporary basis and subject to traffic.

RDW 8 Village Streets are to be kept clean and free from mud, stone, dirt, etc. A temporary construction entrance comprised of a 20’ X 50’ mat of number 2 stone is to be maintained at all site entrances.

RDW 9 Concrete curbs are to be branded during placement utilizing the standard brand set provided buy the Village of Ashville Engineer. Brand curbs are as follows:

“S”      - on top of curb for sanitary lateral locations

“W”     - on face of curb for water service box locations.

“WV”  - on face of curb for hydrant watch valve locations.

“WM” – on face of curb for water main valve locations.

Brands that are missed must be mechanically grounded into curb after the concrete is set.

RDW 10 The combination curb and gutter shall be placed continuously. Driveway knock downs shall be saw-cut at the time each individual resident is constructed.

RDW 11 Monument boxes shall be installed at intersections designated on the plan. Boxes shall be Neenah R-1968, Type 36-8 or East Jordan Iron Works Number 8371. Monuments are to be set in a concrete filled twenty-four (24) inch diameter cored hole, flush with the top of the pavement per Village Standard.

RDW 12 All traffic control devices shall be furnished, erected, maintained, and removed by the contractor in accordance with the “Ohio Manual of Traffic Control Devices for Construction and Maintenance Operations” copies of which are available from the Ohio Department of Transportation, Bureau of traffic, 25 South Front Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215.

RDW 13 Lane restrictions or closures required during construction must be approved by the Village of Ashville Engineer and Service Departments a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to any work being performed. Otherwise, traffic lanes shall be fully open to traffic at all times and ingress and egress shall be maintained to public and private property.

RDW 14 The contractor/developer is responsible for the provision and scheduling of personnel for concrete, asphalt, and soils testing procedures as required by the Village Engineer. Testing is to be performed by registered testing procedures as required by the Village Engineer. Testing is to be performed by a registered testing agency that is approved by the Village Engineer.

RDW 15 The work limits shown on these plans are for the physical construction only. The installation and operation of all temporary traffic control devices shall be provided whether inside or outside of the work limits by the contractor in accordance with the Ohio Manual of Traffic Control Services for Construction and Maintenance Operations (current edition). Copies of which are available from the Ohio Department of Transportation, Office of Traffic Engineering.

RDW 16 The tracking of spillage of mud, dirt or debris upon Village streets is prohibited and any such occurrence shall be cleaned up immediately by the contractor.

RDW 17 No non-rubber tire vehicle shall be moved on Village streets. Exceptions may be granted by an authorized Village official where short distances and special circumstances are involved. Granting of exceptions must be in writing and any resulting damage must be repaired to the satisfaction of the Village.

RDW 18 Steady burning Type "C" lights shall be required on all barricades, drums and similar traffic devices in use at night. Cones are not permitted to be used for night work.

RDW 19 All traffic lanes shall be fully open to traffic from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., unless otherwise approved by the Village. One lane may be closed to traffic during working hours, during sanitary sewer boring operation.

GEN 38 Temporary pavement replacement shall be provided on permanent pavements damaged or removed by the contractor in the performance of the work to limits shown on the plans or ordered by the engineer. As soon as the trench has been backfilled, temporary pavement shall be installed. The engineer may require that all materials and equipment incidental to providing the temporary pavement be on the job site prior to removing the existing pavement. The temporary pavement shall consist of 2 inches of compacted bituminous material item 301 CMSC placed upon 6 inches of compacted item 304, CMSC aggregate base. Temporary pavement shall be maintained by the contractor until permanent pavement is installed.

RDW 20 The pavement shall be replaced by first removing the temporary pavement down to the clean granular material and removing the existing pavement for at least 12 inches beyond the trench limits on each side. The pavement to be removed shall be neatly sawed, not more than 24 hours prior to the placing of permanent pavement materials. the permanent pavement materials and workmanship shall be at least equivalent to the existing permanent pavement replaced, as determined by the engineer. After removal of the temporary pavement and sawing of the existing pavement edges, item 407 tack coat shall be applied to the exposed existing pavement edges, and to the base material, prior to the placing of the permanent pavement.

RDW 21 All trenches in the roadway shall be backfilled or securely plated during non-working hours.

RDW 22 In the event excavation for the street is from zero (0) inches to twelve (12) inches below what is called for on the plans the contractor shall replace this excess excavated material as directed by the Geotechnical Engineer. Item 310 or 304 as directed and at no extra cost to the owner.

RDW 23 Where necessary to disturb existing pavement or drives, the pavement shall be saw cut in neat, straight lines. The depth of saw cut shall be at least two (2) inches.

Ashville, Ohio ROADWAY NOTES REV. 07-08-10

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