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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Sanitary and Stormwater Sewer Notes


STM/SAS 1 Roof drains. foundation drains and other clean water connections to the sanitary sewer system are prohibited on this project.

STM/SAS 2 All sanitary sewers constructed under this plan shall meet the requirements of the Village of Ashville, unless otherwise noted.

STM/SAS 3 the construction of new sanitary sewers or waterlines shall not begin until the Village receives an approved and current Ohio Environmental Protection Agency Permit to Install (PTI), or a letter of Acceptance.

STM/SAS 4. There shall be no sanitary sewer installed in rear or side lot easements without prior written approval from the Village of Ashville Wastewater Superintendent.

STM/SAS 5 The minimum requirements for sanitary sewer pipe shall be PVC sewer pipe ASTM D-3034, SDR 35 and ASTM F-679.

STM/SAS 6 The minimum requirement for storm sewer pipe shall be: 8" through 36" High Density Polyethylene N-12 or equal High Density Polyethylene Pipe with smooth interior wail. Storm drains larger than 36" shall meet the requirements of AASHTO M-294-S. Reinforced concrete RCP may be specified by the Engineer when they deem necessary.

STM/SAS 7 All trench backfill shall be compacted backfill as per cmsc item 911. the cost of oil compacted backfill shall be included in the price bid for furnishing and installing pipe. The contractor is hereby notified that the cmsc for Ashville requires the use of number 57 crushed limestone  Round Gravel for bedding of sanitary pipe.

STM/SAS 8 in addition to the requirements of cmsc item 901.08 as it refers to compacted backfill, there may be areas on the plans with the limits indicated on the profile view of the sewer as "compacted granular backfill". These areas will be compacted to meet the requirements of cmsc item 912.03. payment for the compaction of backfill within these areas shall be included in the price bid for furnishing and installing pipe.

STM/SAS 9 All bedding of sanitary sewer pipe shall conform to the typical trench detail.

STM/SAS 10 The contractor's specific attention is directed to the requirements of the leakage test. All sanitary sewers shall be tested for leakage in accordance with 901.20 of the City of Columbus Construction and Material Specifications. This is an exfiitration water test. An air test is permitted as Directed by the Village of Ashville. An infiltration test may be required in areas of high groundwater.

STM/SAS 11 Pipe for all six (6) inch house services shall be PVC sewer pipe, ASTM D-3034, SDR 35. All service extensions shall be laid at a 'minimum grade of two (2) percent and shall be constructed at the time of construction of the main sewer, unless otherwise directed by the Village Engineer. 

STM/SAS 12 Connections between existing and proposed service lines shall be completed using a four (4) inch or six (6) inch Fernco, Inc. Donut or Boot.

STM/SAS 13 A Wye pole made of 4" by 4" lumber shall be furnished and placed at all Wye branches and at the end of extended service. The cost of this work shall be included in the price bid for the sewer items.

STM/SAS 14 All sanitary sewer lines installed using PVC pipe will be. subject to deflection testing by pulling an approved mandrel equal in diameter to 95% of the pipe diameter through the pipe no less than (30) days after the pipe is backfilled.

STM/SAS 15 The Wye locations shown on the plans ore approximate and shall be field located during construction to serve the individual structures.

STM/SAS 16 Manhole covers for sanitary sewers shall conform to Village of Ashville Standard Drawings.

STM/SAS 17 Manhole tops shall be built or subsequently adjusted to meet surface grades established for the development. Cost of this work is to be included in the price bid for the various sewer items.

STM/SAS 18 All sanitary sewer lines shall end with manholes.

STM/SAS 19 All new sanitary sewer and storm drain manholes installed in the Village of Ashville Sanitary Sewer and Storm Drain Systems shall be as follows:

A. Pre-cast Concrete

B. Four (4) foot diameter, minimum

C. Installed with formed channels

STM/SAS 20 All new sanitary sewer manholes and existing sanitary manholes adjusted to grade shall be constructed with chimney seals and Dish in accordance with Village of ` Ashville Specifications.

STM/SAS 21 All new manholes and existing manholes adjusted to grade shall have concrete collars.

STM/SAS 22 Sanitary sewer--manhole connections: The sanitary sewer pipe to manhole connections shall be of a flexible watertight joint of approved manufacture. The joint may be of the following design (A) rubber sleeve with stainless steel banding, (B) rubber gasket compression, or (C) rubber gasket expansion.

STM/SAS 23 Manhole locations: The station and offset of the manholes shown on the plans are to the center of the manhole base.

STM/SAS 24 The maximum trench width shall not be greater than the outside diameter of the pipe plus two (2) feet.

STM/SAS 25 The contractor shall make provisions to maintain flows in the existing sewer at all times - during construction methods for maintaining

STM/SAS 26 All sanitary sewers shall be recorded in DVD format after construction prior to acceptance of the sewers by the Village of Ashville. The DVD shall remain the property of the Village of Ashville. The DVD shall clearly identify the location of the camera within the sewer, date and time of the DVD and be of sufficient quality to determine the conditions of the sanitary sewers. An additional DVD shall be performed just prior to the expiration of the one (1) year warranty period.

STM/SAS 27 The maximum velocity in any new sanitary sewer shall not exceed ten feet per second (10 fps).

STM/SAS 28 Testing of lateral connections shall be adhered to.

STM/SAS 29 The contractor shall make provisions to maintain flows in the existing sewer at all times - during construction methods for maintaining flows shall be submitted to the engineer for approval prior to construction. At no time will sanitary sewage be allowed to discharge to any river or stream nor spill out on the ground. Approval of plans by the engineer to maintain flows shall not relieve the contractor of any responsibility to adequately provide for all flows. The contractor shall be aware that the existing sewers may be operating under pressure (head) during times of rainfall: therefore the contractor shall exercise caution when working on these sewers. Payment for this work shall be included in the item bid for furnishing and installing pipe.

STM/SAS 30 The contractor shall submit to the Design Engineer and the Village Engineer for his or her review, five copies of shop drawings for all materials, structures, gradation certifications and equipment before any of the said materials, structures or equipment is ordered. The owner nor Village bare any responsibility to accept any of the above mentioned items without a completed review of said shop drawings. Shop drawings shall be approved by the Design Engineer prior to submittal to the Village Engineer. These documents shall be bound and indexed with numbered sheets for each item or pages numbered throughout.

STM/SAS 31 The minimum clearance between sanitary and water mains shall be ten (10) feet horizontal or one(1) foot six (6) inches vertical outside of pipe to outside of pipe.

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