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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Special Environmental Project SEP

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In lieu of paying a remaining thirty thousand dollars ($30,000.00) of the civil penalty, the Village of Ashville agreed to complete a supplemental environmental project ("SEP") consisting of spending thirty-five thousand dollars ($35,000.00) to replace and/or install some or all of the following components of its potable water system. The SEP amount may include the cost of equipment and its installation. The SEP shall be considered complete upon Respondent's spending thirty-five thousand dollars ($35,000.00) for appropriate equipment and its installation. Installation of components shall be done in the order listed and in accordance with the following schedule:

  1. Within four (4) months of the effective date of these Orders, replace the four meters within the water treatment plant (WTP) (WTP effluent, WTP raw, and two blend meters) with MAG meters.
  2. Within five (5) months of the effective date of these Orders, provide a standby generator for the WTP.  
  3. Within twelve (12) months of the effective date of these Orders, replace the aerator or provide similar improvement to the oxidation process within the WTP.The first section of this quarter report will deal with the status of the Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF). The first heading will discuss the design status. The second heading will deal with the status of obtaining funds for the WRRF.

Resolution 07-2014 Authorization OhioEPA Director's Final "Findings & Orders" (DFFO)

Resolution and "Findings and Orders Document 

Ohio EPA Director's Final Finding and Orders Quarterly Report for SEP
4th Quarter October 2014
1st Quarter January 2015 SEP Requirements Completed


Ohio EPA Director's Final Finding and Orders Communication Letters concerning the SEP
Ohio Enviromnental Protection Agency, Central District Office (CDO) Division of Surface Water Compliance and Enforcement Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, Lazarus Governmental Center Division of Surface Water
Letter One Letter One
Letter Two Letter Two
Letter Three Letter Three
Letter Four Letter Four
Letter Five Letter Five
Letter Six Letter Six
Letter Seven Letter Seven
Additional Funds to Complete SEP's that are underway  

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