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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Stormwater Notes

STM 1 The minimum requirements for storm sewer pipe with the Village right-of-way or easements shall be reinforced concrete pipe ASTM C655 or ASTM C76 and non-reinforced concrete pipe ASTM C14 or corrugated polyethylene smooth lines M-294, Types S, as per Ohio Department of Transportation Construction and Material Specifications Item 707.

STM  2 Flexible storm sewers are subject to mandrel Testing and/or video inspection as directed by the Village Engineer. Testing shall be performed no sooner than thirty (30) days after the pipe trench has been backfilled and all roadway and site fills over the storm lines have been constructed. Maximum deflection shall not exceed 7.5% of the base inside diameter. Cost of testing shall be at the expense of the contractor.

STM  3 All storm manholes shall be marked with a 4” X 4” X 10’ – 0” pressure treated wooden post projecting 4’ – 0” above the finished grade and with the top 1’ – 0” painted green on four sides.

STM 4 The cost of any dewatering operations required for the construction of the storm sewer shall be included in the price BID for the various sewer items.

STM  5 The cost of any rock excavation shall be included in the price BID for the storm sewer. The bidder shall determine if any rock excavation will be required and adjust their BIDS accordingly.

STM  6 The flow in all sewers, drains, and watercourses encountered shall be maintained by the contractor at their own expense and whenever such watercourses and drains are disturbed or destroyed during the prosecution of the work, they shall be restored by the contractor at his own expense to a condition satisfactory to the engineer.

STM  7 All major flood routes and detention basins are to be surveyed by a registered surveyor to verify conformance to the approved grading plan. Cost of this work shall be at the expense of the contractor.

STM  8 Erosion control measures are to be installed by the contractor during construction to protect catch basins and curb inlets from silt, mud, and debris.

STM  9 All drainage flood routes, swales, and ditches are to be designed and graded with a minimum flow line grade of two (2) percent, and a maximum side slope of 4:1.

STM 10 All catch basins, manholes, and curb inlets shall have concrete channels poured in place to assure positive drainage through these structures.

STM 11 Public storm sewer manhole lids are to be east Jordan Iron Works Number 1660 – A2 or equivalent and embossed “Village of Ashville Storm Sewer”.

STM 12 Storm sewer curb inlets are to be adjusted within ¼” of plan elevation using steel shims.

STM 13 Pre-cast rings are to be used for all final adjustments of manhole castings. Storm manhole top of castings should be set at 1 – ½” above finished grade.

STM 14 Openings shall be provided in drainage structures to accommodate under drain outlets. Under drains are to be constructed in accordance with details given in the plans.

 Ashville, Ohio  STORMWATER NOTES REV. 07-08-10 

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