Mayor's Court Tickets and Fines

If you receive a traffic citation from the Village of Ashville Police Department, you must take action to resolve the matter. Failure to take action in regrads to a citation could result in the suspension of your driver's license and a warrant being issued for your arrest.

If you are not required to appear in Mayor's Court, you may:

1. Pay the citation in person prior to the Court date during the normal business hours at:

          Village of Ashville Administrative Office Building
          200 East Station Street, P.O. Box 195
          Ashville, Ohio 43101
2. Pay the citation via U.S. Mail by signing the "Guilty Plea" on the back of the blue copy of the citation and sending it along with a check, money order, or cashier's check for the amount of the fine.


Mail the signed blue copy and fine to:

       Village of Ashville
       P.O. Box 195
       Ashville, OH 43101


Make checks payable to:

       Ashville Mayor's Court

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