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Potholes can  be a problem. Please call 740-983-6367 or on the Report a Pothole Online below if you see an area in need of repair.

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ohio plan

The following is a reprint of information from The Ohio Plan

Potholes: Who is responsible for repair costs?

By Travis Thompson // HAS Risk Manager

Ohio's fickle winter weather creates havoc on all roadways. The latest example of extreme weather swings affecting our roads occurred as we turned the calendar to 2014. Rain and snow were followed by subzero wind chill factors from the Polar Vortex. Shortly after recovering from these two events, the weather changed yet again and provided several days of above-freezing temperatures.

The results of Ohio's never ending freeze-thaw cycle are starting to show themselves in the form of inconveniently placed holes in our roadways: potholes. Inevitably the question is starting to be asked by drivers who unfortunately damage their vehicles; who is responsible for the repair costs?

The short answer is this: Ohio public entities are responsible for providing and maintaining roadways free and clear of obstructions. Potholes definitely fall into the category of obstructions; however, Ohio public entities are only responsible for damages should they not respond in a timely manner to address the obstruction.  In layman's terms, vehicle damage from potholes is the responsibility of the driver unless the entity willfully did not address the issue.

With this in mind, the Ohio Plan recommends that all public entities establish the following

1.     A system to receive notification of the location of potholes.

Ask the users of your roads to be your eyes.  Develop a central notification process to make sure that all concerns are coming to the person(s) responsible for assigning action to remedy the situation.

2.    A response timing criteria for all roadways.

This should be similar to the criteria used to determine which roads receive snow removal first.

3.   A method to record any and all activities conducted to address the issue including the date, time and method used.

There is currently no method to eliminate all potholes and other road defects that cause damage. The expectation for all public entities is that they will provide and maintain a clear and unobstructed roadway. Your immunity from vehicle damage caused by potholes is dependent upon your ability to receive and respond to issues in a timely manner.

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