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Wednesday, January 17, 2018


The Water Department serves two primary functions.  First to process raw water and to distribute processed raw water in a manner approved by the OhioEPA.   Read More

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Water Ordinance Water can be as low as $3.52 ($3.78) per 1,000
See rate structure below


Gallons/1,000 Inside Village Rate Tank Fee Total Rate Outside Village Rate 200%
Over 1,000 (K) $3.52 26¢ $3.78 $7.04 + tank fee of 52¢ = $7.56

The distribution system requires Backflow Prevention.  Read more by clicking below:

Backflow Prevention Program

To read current and past Consumer Confidence Reports, click below:

All Consumer Confidence Reports

In 2017 the OhioEPA required municipalities to develop a Lead Water Distribution Map, click below:

Map of Lead for Distribution System

Narrative on the creation of the Map of Lead of Lead for Distribution System

Lead and Copper Monitoring Report

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