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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Planning & Zoning / Building Department

The Planning & Zoning / Building Department are separate Departments but many of the operations crossover with personnel and functions.  For example, a permit for a swimming pool only involves Planning & Zoning to ensure placement is in an approved area of the property.         

A permit for a room addition most likely will need a permit from both areas. Planning & Zoning will consider room addition location. The Building Department will be involved with the actual construction of the room addition.

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 Planning and Zoning Department:

Applications and Forms: Zoning Map: Fees: Codes and Ordinances

Permit Application

Annexation Application Package

Demolition Permit Application

Right-of-Way Permit application

Sidewalk and Curb Grant Form

Commercial Building Application

Residential Building Permit Application 

Income Tax Registration Form

Official Zoning Map

Land Use Plan

Past Zoning Map

Fee Worksheet 

Impact Fees

Impact/utilities fees

Income Tax Registration Form

Fee Worksheet for Building


Complete Codified Ordinances

Property Maintenance Code

Building Ordinance




 Building Department:

Commerical Building and Contractors:  Residential Building: Before you Build: 

Commercial Building Application

Contractor registration information

List of Registered Contractors

Residential Building Permit Application 


Residential Building Permit Application

Official Zoning Map


Building Advisory Board

Advisory Board Rules and Regulations

Impact/utilities fees

City of Columbus Construction and Material Specifications

General Notes

Roadway Notes

Water Main/Line Notes

Sanitary and Storm Water Sewer Notes

Sanitary and Sewer Notes

Storm Water Notes




Building Advisory Board Planning & Zoning
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Dale Hoover Joseph DeFelice
Brad Lutz Larry Hardbarger
Terry Moore Dale Hoover
Mayor Wise Mark Leatherwood
Doug Toole

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