Court Appearance

Appearance at Mayor's Court on the time and date listed on the citaion supplement.

 Mayor's Court is held:

    Village of Ashville Village Council Room
    200 East Station Street
    Ashville, Ohio 43103

 If you are ordered into Mayor's Court, you must appear on the date and time listed on the citation supplement. Failure to appear may result in a warrant for you arrrest and suspension of your driver's license.

Proof of Insurance:

If you did not show current proof of Financial Responsibilty (vehicle insurance) and it is marked on the citation as not showing proof of insurance, you must bring in proof to cover the date and time of the citation or your license is subject to suspension by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Acknowledgement of Rights:

When appearing in court, you should know your basic rights as a defendant. These are your rights. If you have any questions concerning these rights, you may as the Magistrate when your case is called.

  • You or your attorney shall be permitted to read and have a copy of the complaint.
  • You are entitles to understand the nature and the consequences of the charge(s) against you.
  • You have the right to hire an attorney of your choice OR you have the right to have an attorney assigned without cost if you are unable to employ one, and you have a right to a reasonable continuance in the proceedings to secure counsel.
  • You need make no statement at any point in the proceedings, but any statement you make may be used agaisnt you in a subsequent hearing.
  • You have a right to a jury trial where such right exists. In petty offense cases, you must file a written demand with the Clerk of Court if want your case tried to a jury.
  • You have a right to reasonable bail.
  • If you are convicted of a traffic offense, a record of that conviction will be sent to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and becomes a part of your driving record - you may get points.
  • A convistion may enhance or increase the penalities of any future charges brought against you.
  • You are presumed innocent unless the Village presents facts beyond reasonable doubt to overcome that presumption.
  • You may have this matter transfered to Circlevill Municipal Court for trial or other disposition.


You may pay with check, cash, or money order. We do NOT take debit, credit, or electronic payments. Please make checks payable to the Ashville Mayor's Court. Payments can be mailed or paid in person at: 200 East Station Street, Ashville, OH 43103. Our office hours are M-F, 8:00-4:30. If you have any questions, please call the clerk at (740) 983-7131.

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