The Utility Department of the Village of Ashville, Ohio

Utility Clerk, Lindsay Mayse

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Lindsay Mayse has been the Utility Clerk for the Village of Ashville since June 2014. Prior to her employment with the Village of Ashville, she worked as a Registered Nurse full-time.  Her goal is to provide information and friendly customer service to the people of the village. Lindsay holds a Bachelor of Business and Human Resources, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and is a currently a Registered Nurse.  In her spare time, Lindsay enjoys spending time with her family and dogs, enjoying the outdoors, photography and visiting historical sites. She also runs a photography business. She resides in Ashville with her husband and daughter.  

Utility Requests

Requests for action may be made through the Utility Department. Requests for new service must be made in person. Services will be connected when a Service Agreement for residential or commercial service is complete and a deposit (if required) has been paid.

Activities of the Utility Department include the maintenance of:

  • water
  • wastewater
  • meter reading
  • utility billing
Water and Wastewater is a service of the Utility Department of Ashville. Stormwater related service is provided by the Service Department. Refuse is a contracted service for the Village of Ashville.
67 South Scioto Street
Ashville, Ohio  43103
140 Park Street  
Ashville, Ohio  43103 
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Contact Information:
200 East Station Street
Ashville, OH 43103
Phone: (740) 983-6367
Monday - Friday
8:00 am – 4:30 pm

 For Water Emergancy Contact:


Please email all competed forms to Utility Clerk, Lindsay Mayse at

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